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Coffe Capsules Opener Re-fè Original


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Re-fè Original is a capsule opener suitable for Nespresso®* Original and other compatible aluminum capsule brands.

A tool to easily separate used aluminum capsules from coffee grounds and recycle them properly. Holds up to 15 coffee capsules. Made and produced in Italy, and 3D printed. Re-fè is modular and individual components are replaceable by purchasing them individually.

Do not wash in a dishwasher or do not expose to heat sources. For more information, read the cleaning and use manual.

*The Nespresso brand is owned by Nestlé Products Company S.A.


Compatible capsules.

Aluminum only. Formats: Nespresso Original (no Vertuo) and the following compatible brands: L’or – Hag – Splendid – Illy – Lavazza – Best Espresso – Italian Coffe – Starbucks – Kimbo – Segafredo – Borbone. ⚡ WARNING: Not compatible with plastic capsules. Not compatible with Nespresso-compatible aluminium capsules of the brands Bialetti and Gimoka.

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Name: Re-fè Original
Features: Re-fè logo
Components: 2x bioplastic components, glass jar, aluminum closure capsule.
Color: Black
Size: 8.5×8.5×12,5cm
Weight: 460gr
Design and production: Italy
Material: EU-origin glass and Italian VITA NOVA by FILOALFA® material made from pre-consumer waste.
Certifications: REACH and ROHS certified
We ship throughout Italy for €6.00 in 3-4 business days. We also ship to some European countries for €12.00. For additional information on shipping and returns, please visit the Shipping, Delivery, and Return page.

Designed and manufactured in Italy with 3D printing

Made with local raw materials and 3D printing on-demand. Designed and made in Italy by a creative team of young designers and creatives centered between Padua and Treviso.

Recycled bioplastic

Made from plant-derived bioplastic derived from pre-consumer waste by our Italian partner FILOALFA®. We collect and recycle the waste to give new life to the material in cooperation with SuperForma. Biodegradable according to DIN EN ISO 14855. Verify proper disposal at your local waste management center. REACH and ROHS certified. Origin: IT

Circular: reusable, repairable, modular, recyclable

If a component breaks, you can replace it without having to buy the entire product again The glass jar can be used to store coffee grounds or other items like canned goods.

No more trips

You no longer have to travel to a collection point to recycle capsules.

Just recycle them at your home (or office)

1. Remove the cover.
2. Place the used aluminum coffee capsule vertically in the container provided, with the base facing down.
3. Lay the Re-fè press component down and apply pressure, with one or two hands, from top to bottom, exerting force only on the vertical axis. Do not apply pressure on the horizontal axis or other places for which Re-fè is not intended.

For more information, see the use and cleaning manual.

You can use it in the kitchen, as a piece of furniture, or in the refrigerator with the provided locking capsule to store and repurpose coffee grounds. Keep away from sources of heat and direct sunlight.

Only the glass jar and the attached aluminum capsule can be washed in the dishwasher. The bioplastic part (as such) cannot be washed in the dishwasher or left in water for a long time. We recommend moistening a cloth with warm water and rubbing the areas that need to be cleaned. Re-fè should be air dried in the open air away from heat sources and direct sunlight. See the cleaning instructions for more information on this.

Re-fè Original can serve a secondary function to the capsule opener.

The glass jar can be used to store coffee grounds in the refrigerator by applying the provided aluminum capsule closure. Alternatively, you can use it for preserves, sauces, dried fruits, buttons, rubber bands, etc. It can also be transformed into a light or a plant container with creativity.

The bioplastic components can be recycled. Contact us at for information on how to do it.

Thanks to the modularity of Re-fè, if only one part is broken, you can replace it by purchasing only the damaged component in our Shop. It is not necessary to repurchase an entirely new one.