Give a second life to your coffee breaks.

We offer you the tools.

Re-fè Original

Coffee capsules opener Re-fè Original

Separate and recycle your coffee capsules by Nespresso® Original and other compatible brands in one easy step. Only for aluminum capsules.

40,00 €

33,90 €

Every year 576,000,000Kg of coffee capsules waste is produced, equivalent to the weight of 60,000 trucks.

Separate and recycle coffee capsules at home in one easy step and reduce your environmental impact.

A circular tool to foster circularity

A circular tool
to foster circularity

Re-fè Original

Recycled bioplastic

Made in Italy

Re-fè Original

Modular and 3D printed

Re-use coffee grounds.

Coffee has a lot of nutritional properties. Considering it as a waste would be an actual waste of resources. You can re-use it in many ways: for home, beauty, or garden. Be creative!

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