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Business services

We believe in partnerships and collaborations for the expansion of positive impact.

Products customization and corporate gifts

We customize the products we produce with your company logo or with your employees’ name.

We have total control over the supply chain, from production to delivery, which gives us total control over the solutions customization.

We offer packaging design and customization as well.

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Educazione Re-fè

Communication and education on circular economy

Communication and education are in our DNA, thanks to the team expertise in the areas of management, environmental sustainability, design and communication.

We design and implement physical and digital experiences in companies, schools and organizations, spreading sustainability and circularity topics by adapting communication to the target audience.

Consulting and co-design of products and campaigns

We provide consulting services on circular economy issues, design of services and products that reflect the company’s long-term management strategy and marketing and communication projects.

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Are you a retailer? Resell our products.

Whether you are a retailer, a coffee roaster or a multinational coffee company, we offer you the opportunity to resell our products.


Yes. We favor collaborations in which both Re-fè and the collaborating organization’s brand appear, but white label customization is also possible.

Yes, thanks to 3D printed production, customization of each individual piece is possible. For example, each piece can be customized with the person’s name.

We can adjust production according to demand. We produce on-demand, so we activate more or fewer production centers depending on the demand. Send us a request to understand the timeline.

Yes, upon request we can also work on packaging and its customization according to mutually agreed and established guidelines.